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Farm to the Little Angels Family Child Care

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If you are interested with our facility and program, you can visit us anytime that you like to schedule a tour. For more information you may contact us or call us at (949) 653-6137.

About Us

content imageOur Philosophy

The Little Angels Family Childcare assumes that a child’s growth is a sequential and orderly process, and that our children pass through stages of development that occur in a predictable sequence during their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive growth. We emphasize on personal, intellectual and emotional development.

Our responsibility, as adults, is to assist the child in growing to his fullest potential. At the Little Angels we provide opportunities to create, explore the environment, learn problem solving, and practice personal interaction skills. We believe that children should learn concepts through first-hand experiences. Our staff are educated and experienced. We provide a loving happy clean and safe environment for your child.


Our children develop a positive self-concept through a balance of self- and teacher-directed activities, opportunities for solitary play, as well as group activities. Our staff serve as positive role models and provide care that is supportive and nurturing.

Each child in our classroom needs to have a positive day; whether or not they remember what they did each day is beside the point, as long as they feel like they had a good day and had “fun.”

The Curriculum

Our curriculum is mainly progressivist, which focuses on the holistic development of the child – intellectually, emotionally, and personally. It’s main goal is to mold an individual ready for the world ahead. This is delivered to the children through our educated and experienced staff who provides a loving, happy, clean and safe environment.


It is also our job to assess each child individually and to offer activities to foster their growth in all three areas: socio-emotional, physical, and cognitive.

We believe it is our job to provide for each child’s self concept, provide developmentally appropriate cognitive instruction and exploration, and to prepare my Pre K children for Kindergarten.

Role Modeling

We teach as well as play, to let them understand that adults are smart and caring people who appreciate what it means to be a child. We try to teach each of the children in a respectful manner, and hopefully, they will learn to treat me in the same way. We would like the children to be able to express their feelings and to feel good about them in the same way.

Family Support

We also believe that it is necessary to provide for family support and guidance. It sometimes seems that we, as teachers, are asked to be family counsilors and to help some of our families in child rearing practices and skills.

Our Goal

We hope that the Little Angel children will grow up to cooperate at times when it is not easy; we hope that they will learn to solve their own problems, learn to relate successfully to each other, and to take responsibility for themselves.