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Farm to the Little Angels Family Child Care

The First and Only in home day care, providing organic, fresh, homemade food and snacks. Fresh Alkaline water by KANGEN water machine Read More »

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If you are interested with our facility and program, you can visit us anytime that you like to schedule a tour. For more information you may contact us or call us at (949) 653-6137.


Quality Excellent

We are first time parents and our son was 12 months when he started at Little Angels. We visited 12 daycare facilities and none of them gave me the confidence of Little Angel’s. They have one area of the home specially designed for the kids and it is well equipped with toys and educational games. One thing that surprised us the most is that the kids area is carpeted and it is incredible clean!!! They also have a nice outdoor area where the kids can play and it is well sized and maintained. The house is immaculate clean and the kitchen & bathroom are impeccable too. All three caregivers, Elle, Azie, and Marly are amazing. They are all loving and caring. They are well structured and organized. My son was coming from being at home with his grandma and he adapted incredibly well. In about one week, my son was already throwing himself into their arms when I was dropping him off in the morning! He now claps when we are approaching the entryway and when asked if he wants to go to see them he says “Yesssss”. We have been taking our son for almost 4 months now and nothing beats the peace of mind we feel when we are at work. We know this is a safe place where our son is learning something every day. His happiness speaks for itself and we cannot ask for more!

Lliana S.

Quality Excellent

We love Elle and Azi! Both my girls (two years apart) went there starting at age 1 through 5 and I could not have been more pleased. They care for each child individually and really get to know each one. They are very loving and treat each child like their own. They allow each child to explore and grow their own interests, providing a large variety of activities and toys. The pre-school lessons were also very good. They are taught in small groups teaching all the basics. The younger ones get to learn from the older kids and the older ones get to feel good about what they know. Their place is very clean and organized. All in all it was the best care I could have had for my toddlers. Thank you!

Shula Vakil

Quality Excellent

Our son Thomas started at Little Angels when he was 11 months old. We were first time parents and so nervous that first week that our son started at daycare but Elle and Azi put our nerves at ease so quickly. They were quick to show us how to set a schedule for our son which we followed every weekend and found that Thomas was so happy as a result. Over the next 2 1/2yrs, we considered Elle and Azi like family because Thomas was so happy in their care. Every day we would pick him up, we could see how much they loved son because most of the time he didn’t want to leave. Unfortunately we moved out of state, but I would highly recommend Little Angels to anyone who wants the best for their child. They were always patient, loving and in tune to my child’s needs and for a mom who has to work, this is peace of mind.

Christine Cantu

Quality Excellent

When I sent my first daughter to daycare, my husband and I were very weary about sending her just to a place. With much research and interviewing (must interview the place you are considering during the day), at the end we were so happy with our decision. Even though it’s been awhile since I sent a child to Little Angels, I would recommend to family and/or friends who live in the area. It’s a great place to start for a child before your little one starts at a bigger school…like Preschool or Kindergarten…it’s the a great small steps for your child to develop social skills before heading off. They grow so fast and you want to make sure that they are ready for it…as well as the parents..

Still to this day my daughter remembers where Little Angels is lcoated and says…”That’s my old school. I miss it but I am bigger so I don’t go there.”

The staff are great and loving.

Susan PH

Quality Excellent

We started sending our daughter to Little Angels at 16 weeks old. She is now 18 months old and SUCH a happy girl! Elle, and Azi were so warm and welcoming with her and that made the transition so much easier for me. I am so greatful to them as well as Alicia for helping to teach my daughter all the tools she will need to grow. She gets so excited each morning when we pull up to the house and she cant wait to run inside. She even comes home singing the ABC’s and attempting to count to 10!!Those are just a few of the reasons why we feel condifdent that we made the right decision in choosing the Little Angels Childcare.

Kelly Cintula

Quality Excellent

Our daughter was 10 months old when we started looking for a very good daycare as previously we had used a nanny. We needed more activities for our daughter and a place where she could meet new friends, be well taken care of, sleep comfortably, have fun learning activities, eat nutritious food and be loved by her new daytime family. Before deciding on daycare, we were worried as our daughter at the time did not sleep throughout the night and during the day, it was extremely difficult to put her to sleep. Also our daughter was a very picky eater as she did not eat baby food even though she was only 10 months old…wanted to eat adult food!

We looked at over 14 daycares and looking back, I can honestly say that Little Angels Child Care not only took all our fears away, but have lovingly taken care of our precious daughter to the point where our daughter can’t wait to go to daycare (she is almost 16 months now). She is always smiling when she arrives at daycare as she knows that she is going to a loving place and that we will be there to pick her up at the end of the day.

Upon entering the daycare we can easily review how often our daughter goes to the bathroom, number of feeding sessions and length of naps. The play area is very large with approximately 10 to 12 kids and 2 to 3 loving day care staff that constantly watch over the kids. The kids are very well behaved and have a good set schedule of play time, eating time, nap time and there is also a park right next to the daycare where all the kids can play.

Our daughter after being in daycare for only 2 weeks, was taking regular naps in the afternoon for 1.5 to 2 hrs and started sleeping longer at night to the point where she now sleeps through the night (10 to 11 hrs straight). The food they provide is also very nutritious including organic whole milk, fruits, vegetables, pasta etc..and our daughter never gets bored of the variety of food.

It is always a difficult choice for parents as we are trusting our precious child to the care of another group of individuals and kids. For a home based day care in Irvine, CA, Little Angels Child care should be at the top of your list as they provide loving care, have flexible hours(7:30 to 5:30), excellent well balanced meals, nice sleeping areas for infants and toddlers and a group of kids that all support each other and play together very well (there is a large window where you can see your kids play without them seeing you).

We are very appreciative of all the care and support Little angels has provided to our precious daughter and look forward to many more years.

Richard Chang

Quality Excellent

I had visited several in-home child care center before choosing The Little Angels. When I visited The Little Angels, I recall being greeted very warmly and welcomed into the home. I toured the facility, including a lovely open activity room in which the children spend most of their day. It was filled with fun and educational toys, arts, and crafts, and the children there seemed very happy. I also toured the enclosed backyard play area, full of fun activities, for which I was pleased to see that outside play time was offered in a safe environment. throughout the day, the children at the little Angels are given opportunities for individual and group play, as well as educational exercises, meal times and nap time. I was told that whenever my child is there, I am free to drop in any time, or even peak in the windows if I wanted to check up on my son without him seeing me. Although I didn’t plan to drop by too often during the day, it was wonderful that I was welcome to do so at any time if i wish.

Ali Shahidi

Quality Excellent

We are truly grateful for all the love and care they gave our son. We also feel that they guided him through his early education; he comes home with something new everyday. Our son had such a wonderful experience with Little Angels and I can’t thank them enough for that!

Brigitte Thewes

Quality Excellent

Our 7 year old went to The Little Angels when he was younger, and now we’re back with our 2 year old! Alicia has joined the amazing team of Elle & Azi since then and she’s a wonderful addition. Elle understands quite a bit about how children grow and develop. She, along with Azi and Alicia, does a fabulous job guiding each child as they learn about interacting with one another, expressing themselves and how the world works. All while having lots of fun in a loving, safe, supportive environment. Thank you for all you’ve done for both of my kiddos!

Traci Stubbler

Quality Excellent

I was looking for a day care for my daughter I was looking on Google for local places and came across this listing it was right down the street from me, I went bye to take a look and I was surprised as to how neat and clean everything was for having kids playing around. Not to mention they were priced just right. Thank you Elle!

Joshua Wilding